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Cold Kick Coffee

Cold Kick - Cold Brew Drip - Ice Coffee

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Cold Drip iced coffee of Brazilian origin

This Cold Drip coffee is a coffee with a lot of character. The slightly bitter taste resembles milk chocolate and notes of caramel. One bottle contains 125 ml.

You can drink Cold Kick 'on the rocks' and with (diary free) milk. Or as a mix in various coffee cocktails. With every order we include a free coffee cocktail booklet. 

✅100% plant based
✅No added sugar or milk
✅Specialty coffee
A new taste sensation through unique preparation
✅Includes cocktail booklet
✅Suitable for vegans





Land: Brazilië

Regio: Agroflorest, Fazenda Coimbra

Producent: Samuel Reis de Oliveira

Hoogte: 1000m

Verwerkingsproces: Pulped natural

  • On The Rocks

    Ice + ColdKick

  • Iced Latte

    Ice + (diary free)milk + ColdKick

  • Cold Drip Tonic

    Ice + Tonic + ColdKick